FAQ's: Photo-Session


How do I get my free or bought autographs- or photo-shooting-tickets?

If you order your autograph- or ohoto-shooting-tickets before the event via our ticket-shop, you will get a Mail with ticket-codes which you have to print and bring the tickets to the event. If you bought a standard-, silver-, gold- or VIP-ticket, which includes autographs and/or photo ops of/with the guests you will get your tickets at the registration desk (they are included in your registration package). In addition it is possible to buy tickets during the convention. In that case you will get your tickets straight away.


Is it possible to buy extra tickets for photo-shootings and autographs?

You will get the chance to buy extra photo-shooting-tickets and autograph-tickets at the registration desk of the event and via our ticket-shop.


How do the photo-shootings work?

At the event we will have 1-2 professional photographers who will take pictures of you and the guest. Gold- and VIP-Ticketholders will go through the photo-session first.


Can I take photos at the shooting with the guest by myself?

No. Generally it’s not allowed to take photos during the photo-shooting. The professional photographer will take all the photos.


Is it possible to be in a photoshoot together with a friend?

Yes, of course. However you need to buy two photo-shooting-tickets. It is one ticket per person, not per photo. The photographer however will take 2 pictures, so that you will get 2 photos.


When will I get my photo?

You will get your photos shortly after the shootings at the event printed on quality photo paper. In addition you get the chance to buy JPEG's of your photos after the event.


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