FAQ's: Autograph-Session

When do I get my free or bought autographs- or photo-shooting-tickets?

If you order your autograph- or photo-shooting-tickets before the event via our ticket-shop, you will get a Mail with ticket-codes. You need to print the E-Tickets and bring them to the event. If you bought a gold- or VIP-ticket, which includes autographs and/ or photos of/with the guests you will get your tickets at the registration desk (They are included in your registration package). In addition it is possible to buy tickets during the convention. In that case you will get your tickets straight away.


Is it possible to buy extra tickets for photo-shootings and autographs?

You will get the chance to buy extra photo-shooting-tickets and autograph-tickets at the registration desk of the event and via our ticket-shop.


When are the autograph-sessions?

Autograph-sessions take place during the weekend and will be mentioned in the event programme. During the autograph-session gold- and VIP-ticketholders will get through the session first. After that we will call the silver-, standard- and single-day-ticketholders.


Can I buy more than one autograph/photo?



On which items can I get my autographs?

You can get your autographs only on official merchandise and DVDs etc. as well as on self-painted or self-made items (self-painted pictures - also digital pictures). In addition you will get the chance to buy 10x8 photos of the guests at the event which are licensed and can be used for autographs as well.


Is it possible to get personalized autographs?

Yes, of course, if the guest is ok with it.


Do items need to be "official"?

Yes, if you want a guest to sign something for you, it has to be an official Item, such as a DVD, CD, official poster, the 10x8 photos you can buy at the event, etc. In addition it is ok to let them sign self-made (no collages where the photo credits are cut) items or self-made paintings.


Can I take my own photo with the guest during the signings?


No! It is not allowed to take pictures with/of the guests during the autograph-session.

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